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Healing, Elevation and Transformation.

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What is Ayahuasca for the World?

Ayahuasca for the World is a family of healers and nature lovers from different walks of life, who were brought together by the ancient medicine, with the main objective of being the bridge for other people, who need “awaken your conscience”. Sharing the practice of the art of curanderismo through ancestral ceremonies with sacred plants like Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Tobacco and The different medicinal plants from the Peruvian Amazon in South America.


The purpose is to ensure that each human being reaches "know yourself" "HE love too", "connect with our creator", and heal: «body, mind and spirit".


We are warriors of light!

What do we offer in Ayahuasca for the World?

Deep healing experience through ancestral ceremonies with sacred plants such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Tobacco, and different diets of medicinal plants from the Peruvian Amazon. Directed by experienced healers (Meraya) and of ancestral lineage, through healing, elevation and transformation retreats.


Healing Retreats

Healing, Elevation and Transformation

What is a Healing Retreat?

It is a space for spiritual integration to live an experience that transforms you and gives you self-knowledge; with mystical characteristics, which helps us in an introspective way to understand our spiritual world and what surrounds us. It takes place through ceremonies with ancestral plants, led by the Omaya Joni either meraya (in the Shipibo language it means man sage either medicine man)It is aimed at people seeking healing psychospiritual, in order to achieve the "awakening of consciousness"


In ayahuasca for he World our retreats last 7 days in Pucallpa-Peru, we offer each patient the possibility of working with medicinal plants in a traditional environment, led by the meraya (medicine man) with extensive knowledge and ancestral lineage.


Our patients will be accommodated in comfortable rooms, in an environment with energy harmony. The retreat includes four (4) ceremonies of ayahuasca, one (1) ceremony of Saint Peter (Wachuma), one (1) ceremony of Tobacco (optional according to indications of the Meraya), snuff applications, as well as floral baths. Quotas are limited.


We invite to know the dates and types of healing retreats that we offer in Ayahuasca for the World:


Discovery and Healing Retreat

This retreat takes place over a period of seven (7) days, aimed at people who have never had experience with sacred plants (Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Tobacco). «Know yourself», «Connect with our creator».

Elevation Retreat and Transformation

This retreat takes place over a period of seven (7) days, aimed at people who have already had experience with sacred plants (Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Tobacco). «Love yourself», «Awaken your conscience»

What is a Sacred Plant?

A sacred plant is one that has been considered sacred or divine by different cultures and communities throughout history. These plants usually have medicinal or psychoactive properties, and a spiritual value is attributed to them.


Among the best known sacred plants are Ayahuasca (yage), Tobacco, San Pedro (wachuma), coca, sage, peyote and cannabis. These plants have been used by different indigenous communities in religious rituals and healing ceremonies for thousands of years. In Peru, San Pedro (wachuma) has been used mainly since pre-Hispanic times and is known as the sacred plant that opens the doors to heaven. .


Today, many people continue to use these sacred plants to connect with their spirituality, engage in deep meditation, connect with nature, and for therapeutic benefits.


Despite this, it is important to note that the use of these plants must be responsible and under the supervision of a healer (meraya) or spiritual guide, since their use outside of an ancestral ceremony and without the direction of an experienced healer can have consequences. negative in the body, mind and spirit.


The Ayahuasca for the World family in their Healing, Elevation and Transformation retreats shares ancestral medicine through the ceremony of sacred plants such as Ayahuasca (yagé), San Pedro (wachuma) and tobacco, under the direction of healers with ancestral lineage.


Learn more about the Sacred Ceremonies:

San Pedro Ceremony - Wachuma

Saint Peter the gates of heaven!

Tobacco Ceremony

Cleans body, mind and spirit

Frequent questions

What is ayahuasca spiritually?

Our healers are people who diet sacred plants for a long time and deeply, to strengthen themselves and experience a spiritual transformation and see the world in a different way,

Where to take ayahuasca in Peru?

At Ayahuasca for the World, being a family that loves Nature, we can help you participate in an Ayahuasca Ceremony in Lima, Pucallpa, Iquitos and Cusco.

What benefits does ayahuasca or yagé have?

It mainly has spiritual benefits, helps to overcome depression, stress disorder, promotes brain health and generates psychological well-being.

What is stronger than ayahuasca?

The experience for each person is different, in Ayahuasca for the World we seek that our brothers with the sacred plants can obtain Healing, Elevation and Transformation.

What hormone activates ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is the combination of 2 or more plants, one of them is the chacruna (Psychotria viridis) which is the one that contains the DMT molecule itself and activates visions in people.

What does ayahuasca mean?

In Peru, the word Ayahuasca, which in Quechua means "rope of the spirits" due to its etymology aya (spirit, dead) and waska (rope, rope), since in the worldview of the native peoples, ayahuasca is the rope, which allows the spirit leaves the body without it dying.

What does yage mean?

It is an indigenous drink originating in traditional Latin American medicine by native peoples. Yagé is a Cofán word used by indigenous people from the Colombian Amazon and Andes, Ecuadorians and in Peruvian regions close to the borders of these two countries.

What does ayahuasca do in the brain?

Ayahuasca can affect the brain by interacting with serotonin receptors, which can induce changes in perception, consciousness, and emotional connection, as well as promote brain plasticity and neurogenesis.

Frequent questions

Ayahuasca is a sacred plant used by indigenous cultures of the Amazon in South America for medicinal and spiritual purposes. It is an infusion made from two plants: the Ayahuasca liana and the leaves of the chacruna bush. Ayahuasca contains DMT, a psychoactive compound that produces profound and transformative experiences. During a ceremony, patients drink the infusion and experience visions, emotions and sensations that allow them to heal trauma and connect with their inner being. It is also known as "The Mother Ayahuasca".

An ancestral lineage healer is a person who has inherited from their ancestors the wisdom and knowledge necessary to cure and heal others. The ancestral lineage healer has a deep connection to nature and spirits, and uses his knowledge and skills to help heal people on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Ancestral medicine refers to healing practices and techniques that have been used for generations. Ancestral medicine is practiced in close relationship with nature and the cycles of life, and is based on respect and connection with ancestors and spirits. Ancient medicine can also address a person's health and well-being on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Medicinal plants are those plants that have been used traditionally to treat various diseases and ailments. mMany of these plants are used in healing and spiritual ceremonies, and are considered sacred in many indigenous cultures in the region. The use of medicinal plants in South America continues to be an important form of healing and well-being for many people who aim to restore balance and harmony between the individual and their environment, as well as their own spirituality.

Ancestral ceremonies are practices that have been passed down through generations within different cultures and are designed to honor and connect with ancestors, spirits, and nature. The ancestral ceremonies can include the use of medicinal plants, songs, dances and other spiritual practices. These ceremonies can also serve as a way to pass on knowledge and teachings. and to find healing and well-being in your daily life.

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